Composition for Theatre

Composition for Circus

Belfast born songwriter Ursula Burns wrote her first song “I have been long enough with you” for her parents at the age of 3. She has been writing songs and performing all her life. It began by singing medieval music in the dungeons of Carickfergus Castle, whilst dodging the flying roasted chickens of drunk barbarians. The first recorded songs where an adaptation of WB Yeats poems in an album made by her Mother, Marie O’Neill “An Appointment with WB Yeats. In her teens she swiftly ran away to join the circus and hence began a journey that has seen her touring ever since in the domain of Circus, Music and Theatre.

Finally she ran away from the circus to join the last ever horse drawn theatre company Horse and Bamboo.  Winding her way, performing in every village from Aberdeen to Brighton, in a gypsy wagon. It was a natural progression to the the Flea Pitt where the little tiny fleas did circus tricks in a horse box transformed into a theatre by Cahoots NI. Ursula has composed a wealth of music for shows including 2016 The Lyric theatres, “Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf”; “Inventors” and “Mable” by Kabosh; For Cahoots NI “The snail and the Whale” and “Leon and the place between” The original Family Hoffmans Mystery Palace, The Great Carmo and  Devised show with Tumble Circus “Damn the Circus”.

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