Belfast’s most dangerous harpist in the world is releasing her 5th self penned, self financed album.

After a 4 year detour in the Comedy circuit, composing the odd musical and a few years circus touring in big tops  – Ursula Burns has finally managed to open her songbook of wondrous delights and rustle up a gem of an album.

The spirited Album is recorded & produced at Millbank Studios by Michael Mormecha. Considering he plays everything from the drums to the pan fried corgettes, these two make a mighty combination. The only downside to his brilliance is that Burns now has to stop singing “it does not rock” and admit the equation that Mormecha plus harp = it does rock!

With backing vocals chanting Sex, Drugs, Harp, from the very cheeky Ciara Oneil, Vincent Higgens and Kyron Bourke -all urging Burns to get some dimarzipan, stop crying, get out of the portaloo and release the album. A rich lifetime spent touring in Circus, Flee pits, Theatres, Tardisis, and music venues is reflected in the songs – dark, light, deep and lovely with a handful of dirt in the mix. Who knew Burns and Mormecha would produce this rabbit out of a hat in a one week session. Magic!

New Album:

The Dangerous Harpist


Available on iTunes


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