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13 Riot Police and a harp

It was my love of water and Ireland's water that drew me into writing songs for the anti-fracking campaigns.

Infrastrata were kicked out of Woodburn Forest attempting to Frack in the reservoir.

The community fought back and they kicked Infrastrata's asses right out of that forest. It was a massive win for the people and demonstrated what People Power can do.

The battle was tough and the people were strong and determined.

I have to drag myself out into difficult and volatile situations with a great deal of stress anxiety and resistance.

The day the drill was arriving, I bundled the harp in my Tardis Imaginarium (theatre car) and when I arrived at the mouth of the forest. The road was blocked by riot police. The drill was already stuck near the site a protester had climbed up and chained himself to it. He had put a spanner in their works. My heart lifted.

I will protest here.

The riot police told me if I blocked the road I would be arrested. (they were blocking the road)

With a school run at 3pm, I had no intention of getting arrested.

I said I would sit on the verge under the stop sign.

Sheepishly, I took out my harp and began to play.

Something special happens when you begin to play outside

First, it goes quiet and the birds go quiet.

The wind whips through the strings lifting the melody and carrying it to the birds who join in.

It was awkward.13 Riot police and a harp.

I was embarrassed. They were embarrassed.

I tried not to look at them. They tried not to look at me.

Minutes turned to hours.

Now, I was playing Irish tunes

I wish I was in Carrickfergus

( I was wishing I wasn't in Carrickfergus)

It was a quiet road but one car passed and beeped in support.

I took heart.

Then a lone photographer took a shot.

After a couple of hours, one said to me

Does that hurt your fingers?

I said NO

Then he followed with "Do you do weddings"

I have to say that made me laugh.

Power to the People and the Land!

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