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3years, 3months, & 3days of Everyday Sea

3 years, 3 months and 3 days into Swimming every day .......

in freezing Ireland.

All my life I would dip in the summer.

Then 2017, I started taking a weekly dip right through the winter...

2020 after the postcode lottery of living in Belfast during the lockdown,

I could not get to the water.

The police were on the road fining people who drove more than 5 miles.

I could not afford a fine.

I watched every second on the clock of lost listful time,

pinning for the water.

I went in again on my birthday.

It was heaven.

June 2020, I started dipping EVERYDAY .....

I have a spine defect from birth that is small and not visible but has caused me much pain and a

the constant battle to stay in balance and keep carrying and playing that harp.

I could have paid a mortgage on the amount of money I spent on treatments.

I have a team of people I rely on, to keep mobile and working.

It is always painful getting down in the freezing sea

That moment when your feet hit the cold

then your knees


as you immerse

the urge to run away


the plunge.

I always gasp, some scream, some jump

I ease in.

The first minute is unbearable.

It's like knives and glass stabbing but something happens in the brain.

Firstly, the normal pain is relieved by a cold sensation of pain everywhere

then I forget the body

You become the nature

You expand

I become the sea

I become the sky

Bigger than my wee self


in an explosion

the sky

the energy of waves

the absorption of colour

the mood of the sea

teal emerald aqua silver gold peach purple violet black

diamond light codes glisten

as gold and silver sun rays hit choppy waters

in the waves

in the calm

in the storms

soft rain

in the sun

in the wind

I become one with the earth

Earth, fire, air, water, are the elements

and mine is to be emersed in the most flowing of elements

to merge with the millions of drops and expand into the sky

to float

in the water.

I turn on my back

relax my limbs


ease the back of my head to the cold.

The well of wishes, at the back of the head which calls the ancestors

energies of spiritual connection




soft cottonwool clouds

and chemtrailed Skys

hurts surface and release

the death of a loved one

A painful betrayal

A battle that rages on

whisps of conversations that echo in the mind

everything dissolves

I watch the sky

I close my eyes

I am floating in the sky


in a comfort black beyond the body.

1 second has passed,

but it felt eternal.

the mood of the stars that cannot be seen

but is absorbed

and observed by the subtle body

the mood of the sea is ever-changing

yet always many colours

I started painting

the clouds that shift

the rainbow that hits

the light that falls in pools

the water

everchanging in its flow

the sound of the waves breathing on the shore

the creativity that ebbs in and out

prisms of light that bounce, sparkle and heal

and the tingling burn and wild euphoria that floods the senses

as you emerge, from the water

always fresh.

there are so many factors to the perfect swim

the light, the time, the tide

the instinct of listening to when the water calls

The sea looks one colour from the beach

but another when you are in

it is always a more metallic shade of vibrant.

the sea

the water

the earth

the air

Oh dear me

Oh deara Oh deara dearie me

What are we too do?

Who is polluting Ireland's waters?

and Why?

It's breaking my heart

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