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BGT, Shame and the modern Gladiator ring.....

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

In my adult life, I never had a TV

Could probably take the TV licensing people to court for the amount of threatening letters they sent.

I don't have a TV - By choice!

I always said no to BGT

My instincts were saying no!

I had spent 27 years building up my career as The Dangerous Harpist

I had broken the mould, built up skill and devoted myself to songwriting, comedy, circus, theatre and performance with harp.

I remember seeing the talent scouts in my show at Edi fest

They stood out from the punters

Then the emails and calls

For four years they asked me to come on to the show

and for four years I said no.

Then, that year

I began to wonder


I was bored with Belfast.

The art scene was changing.

I was tired of the same grind.

They called,

I said no!

Have a look in Derry?

They said "We are calling from Derry"

I said, "Don't tell me Britain run out of talent"

they laughed weakly.

We agreed to meet the next day..........

They came to my studio and filmed my audition.

The next day they called and offered all expenses to London to play

the palladium

Who doesn't want to play the palladium?

I used to work in Pizza Express across the road and dream of playing there!

It was the golden carrot. It was so easy to be tempted by the Palladium.

I really enjoyed that bit.

The standing ovation

4 yesses

my own material

the buzz

I was flying to London to sign contracts

it was exciting.

and keep time free

They made you feel special.

And that was the manipulation

because it was only when that show aired

and I was shamed in the Sun

that I realised

They placed me in the shame box.

I tried to retreat

I was flip flopping

panic attacks

no guidance

I tried to retreat

and then went forward

with my head in the lion's mouth

and I knew it.

I could not proceed with my own material

They knew their audience

bla bla bla

as a pro I did not know HOW to get out....

Once that machine spat me out, I needed counselling

The first blot in my copybook of a 27-year career.

People still call me crazy!

When challenged they say," it is a term of endearment"

but its not

It is the power of language, suggestion, TV

and the machine

I sat alone reading the hate on Twitter

It took years to recover

A few months ago I wrote to the BGT lawyer to ask could they take this article down

I got no response

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