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This mini mobile venue can transform any space into a Stage! Book for Parks, Gardens, Squares. Background Harp or Comedy show! £300- £500 depending on time and travel.

Composer for Theatre and Circus! Songwriter with 6 Albums on Spotify and Bandcamp!

A New Gig/Theatre Show with elements of Comedy, Music, Theatre, Song and some Bad Ass harping!  For Venues, Bars, Theatres, Arts Centres ........Tickets £12

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  3. as a Help Musicians Artist for 2023

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Ursula Burns

The Dangerous Harpist

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and comedienne Ursula Burns has been smashing the stereo-typical image of the harp for 29 years by performing and touring the world through the mediums of Music,  Theatre, Circus and Comedy.  Burns has invented her own wild style of playing and strong captivating live performance in her solo shows. Ursula accidentally fell into comedy when she won the Irish Musical Comedy Awards 2012 and since has been touring her solo shows. As a veteran of Edinburgh festival she  got nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award for comic originality.  Burns has 6 solo albums and a wealth of music composed for childrens theatre. A diverse and compelling artist who is not afraid to take risks and push the harp to places it has never dared to venture.............

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