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Everywoman Awards -Outstanding Innovative Harpist of the Year 2023

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Last night (sat 16 dec 23) I was performing at the Gresham Hotel in O'Connell street Dublin, Carol Azams presented me with an Everywoman Global TV Award for Outstanding Innovative Harpist of the Year 2023.

Women from all over the world gathered to celebrate distinction and global recognition of their work and career, from AI tech CEOs to world peace. We also had video calls from women all around the world. I was deligted to play harp and perform comedy after the lavish dinner.

Main photos by Miren Samper

This was first time I had the delight to meet Carol Azams. Carol first contacted me on FB when she read my Lockdown story posted by Vault Artist Studios. I was honoured that my writing was published in her books of Covid lockdown- stories from women around the world.

Carol is a champion of celebrating women. She loves women to tell their story. She loves their voices to be heard and an acknowledgment of triamph over stuggle. Carol honours innovation, trailblazers and women in business. There was such a vairied group of people. Carol herself is a shinning example of what she loves to celebrate. Her passion is in achievment, large or small does not matter. Her energy is infectious and her vision expansive. We even had a wee dance of happyness and that was very random.

I was delighted to recieve an award and to perform harp, then comedy, for the guests.

One last thing

The award itself is in the shape of my harp!

Great way to wrap up another years harping......Thats 29 years.....Next year its the big 30 year annaversary of my harp journey and its off to a good start!

Its later on Sunday now! As I write this conclusion I have come home from playing in the hospice and there you have the life of a harpist in one weekend. I love playing at the hospice. You make them laugh, you make them cry. As long as there is emotion, and a song in your heart and a gig to go to and food to eat and a roof over the head.

keep on trucking................

Goodnight Y'all!

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