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From The Tardis Imaginarium to the Cloud Truck Theatre

In 2010 Bought a Fait Dobolo and with the help of Gaffer tape, chicken wire and velcrow

I transformed it into the cutest little theatre for Rain day Outdoor, festival, council and random harping.

I called it Dr Watt's Tardis Imaginarium

Dr Watt is the inventor of the light bulb

and also the brother of Dr Who

and he also happend to be my son

This was culture nite Belfast 2012

My son would say

"My mum will now perform her hit song and give the title of the song".

It was great while it lasted but soon he grew and after driving around Ireland many times

Dr Watt grew up and I was on the road alone

After many miles the Tardis was held together with gaffer tape

and important mechnical bits fell out as I was driving

You can watch the rest of the story here ......

the death of the tardis imaginarium

and the birth of Harpulas Pandorium which magically transformed to

The Cloud Truck Theatre ........

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